About RAL School of Motoring

About RAL School of Motoring


About RAL School of Motoring

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Thanks for visiting my Driving School website. My name is Pawan; here's a bit about why I decided to become a Driving Instructor.

I have always been interested in teaching people regarding road safety and the rules of the road, so it was a natural choice for me to take the tests and become a qualified instructor.

I love to teach new techniques and ideas that help my pupils to drive easily and safely, which makes my job enjoyable.

Driving School Car

I make sure that I deal with all my students patiently and in a friendly manner because it is the best way for them to learn. I have the ability to clear any diffculties that my pupils have.

Please consider RAL School of Motoring for your driving lessons. I look forward to teaching you to drive safely and preparing you to pass the driving test.

Thanks for looking around the RAL School website.

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